BMG’s in depth power transmission vary encompasses HEKO conveyor parts, together with spherical link chains and parts for submerged chain conveyors, which have been designed for dependable use in lots of harsh environments.
“High wear-resistant HEKO components for bulk material conveyors, which are manufactured in Germany to pristine quality standards, improve BMG’s in depth vary of chain merchandise,” explains Gavin Kirstein, business unit manager, power transmission division, BMG. “Through the supply and assist of HEKO products, BMG boosts its options service to its broad buyer – base, by optimising the efficiency of bulk materials conveyor techniques.
HEKO components for submerged chain conveyors to empty ash from a boiler discharge
“We advocate the use of submerged chain conveyors for our clients who work with coal, wood, refuse and scrubber sludge, to effectively gather, cool and drain bottom ash from a boiler discharge. These conveyors, that are fitted with safe releases, are designed to deal with backside ash efficiently and safely.
“Submerged chain conveyors are often put in for the transportation of slag granulated material, ash made from stone and brown coal firing, in addition to metallurgical course of residue or waste ash. Fluid slag or scorching ash from soften firing is stuffed in a vessel with water for cooling and then transported by way of a series conveyor from the vessel to an ash bunker.
HEKO chain strands are highly wear-resistant, case hardened and manufactured with low tolerances. Chain sprockets and chain rollers, with replaceable segments of tooth, are sealed for secure use underneath water.
HEKO’s pocket tooth chain wheels, with toothed rims, are manufactured from special alloy steels and designed for extended service life.
Chain contact surfaces are machined and the edges are chamfered to ensure a optimistic contact with the chain and a good lead into the wheel. Chain contact surfaces are hardened for lengthy service life.
Pocket toothed chain wheels are provided for use with particular attachments – vertical shackle to DIN or TS-shackle and lift-in scraper bars. Replaceable rims have the benefit that the hub could be left in place throughout refurbishment, which saves upkeep time and reduces costs. Purchasing prices for replacements are also lower compared to the investment in utterly new wheels. Dimensions for current installations are tailor-made to swimsuit each particular utility.
HEKO support idling wheels and snub wheels are alternative solutions to guide rails for horizontal and inclined conveyors. The use of wheels reduces friction and thus energy necessities.
HEKO parts for submerged chain conveyors to empty ash from a boiler discharge
HEKO chain techniques with attachments could be provided pre-assembled (with the chain as endless round strands), thus eliminating the necessity for on-site assembly. Plug-in scraper attachments sort SMO, enable quick connection to endless chain strands with chain locks, making reversible conveying possible.
Also in BMG’s vary are round link chains, which have been developed by HEKO for bucket elevators and chain conveyors. These components are suitable to be used in varied sectors, including mining and quarrying, cement, chemical and incinerating vegetation, paper manufacturing, food and beverage, in addition to synthetic manure and general machine industries.”
HEKO chains – recognized globally for prime fatigue strength and close size tolerance of chain pairs – are manufactured from durable materials, including manganese, chrome-nickel and fantastic grain chrome-nickel alloy steels. เกจวัดแรงดันอากาศ -controlled heat-treatment processes are employed to produce tempered or case-hardened chains.
Advantages of case-hardening embrace a high breaking load, resulting from a tricky, fine grain core and high wear-resistance, from a minimum surface hardness of 800 HV. In addition to 6 standard hardening depths, BMG also provides HEKO merchandise with hardening depths to suit specific necessities.
The HEKO range comprises round steel chains, bucket and scraper attachments, chain wheels, buckets and shafts, in addition to full return and tensioning items. Heat-resistant ring kiln chains for rotary kilns also form a part of the vary.
BMG’s national department community presents a technical advisory service on right chain choice, which is a crucial think about power transmission methods.
Web: www.bmgworld.internet

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