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Svanehøj launches control system for cargo offloading

Danish pump producer Svanehøj has launched its newly developed environmentally pleasant Flow Control system, which automates the control of electric cargo pumps on tankers.
The launch of the newly developed software-based management system follows a profitable test in collaboration with the Swedish delivery firm Furetank on the P&C tanker Fure Ven. เพรสเชอร์เกจ was built in 2019 as one of Furetank’s V-Series, a new era of climate-smart P&C tankers.
Svanehøj’s system makes it sooner, easier, and more efficient to function electric cargo pumps. It ensures an optimum changeover between tanks and pumps in parallel, lowering the time needed for cargo discharge by as much as 20% because the system will automatically function at the optimum obligation level. It permits the operator to take full management of the pumps, simplifying the whole cargo discharge operation with out putting in any further hardware.
Fure Ven is among the first vessels at Furetank to have electric cargo pumps put in. The firm has recorded a 25% discount in energy and gasoline consumption in relation to cargo discharge operations compared to vessels in the fleet which have hydraulic pumps.

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